December 6, 2011

Catch Up

Not to be mistaken for ketchup. No it's me doing what I seem to do best on this blog...writing one long post that gets me up to date on the last 3 months of blogging I have neglected. I am starting to accept this way of life  blogging. Are you?

It looks like we last left off the beginning of October. Tons has changed. The girls had their 5th birthday. Whoa! Where has the time gone? They had a party at The Cake Shop, decorating their own cookies and cupcakes with some friends and then a church party at the park on Sunday after church. Both Leah and Nena where able to come which made it extra special. I still can't believe they are five.

We started a children's church program at our church. It is so neat to see the girls memorizing scripture and learning bible stories. It is challenging at times and some kinks are still being worked out but I am looking forward to the future in this endeavor.

We got a special visit from The McDonald's in November. Trey, Katrina, and Ian got to come for a weekend. The boys went to an FSU game and the girls took it easy at the house with the kiddos. I am so thankful for nice moments with wonderful friends.

Thanksgiving was low key for us this year and I have to say it was pretty nice. Steve fried us up our first turkey cooked that way and it was so good. Leah and I took charge of the rest and it was pretty good. A quiet day for the 5 of us but fun. In the evening we went to see Arthur Christmas at the movies...that was a fun way to end the day. We have so much to be thankful for! I really enjoyed not getting caught up in all the hoopla and just enjoying those I am most thankful for. We did get to spend the day with Grandma and Papa the next day.

This past weekend we took the girls to Wild Adventures to see all the Christmas stuff. They had a ball. We only rode the Ant Farm Roller Coaster 500,000 times.

Here we are a short two days from my birthday...32. Geez! I feel like I was 16 just yesterday. Christmas is just around the corner. Tomorrow the girls and I will be heading to Orlando with Steve while he does some continuing education. On Friday we will head to Leesburg to spend the weekend with The McDonald's.

Here's to hoping I get my Christmas cards out this week and that I post here again before 2012.

Zoe at The Pumpkin Patch


Maddie was Rapunzel at Trunk R Treat.

Rapunzel and Ariel

Maddie with her friend Christian at the Trunk R Treat

Birthday Cake at The Cake Shop

Zoe making her creations.

Maddie at the birthday picnic.


They got to get a cake of their very own for the first time.


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